Hello World


Welcome to a brand new blog

This is the first post of my brand new blog, it's generated using a really simple markdown parser that I've called "blog it", that takes a blog title, a date, a short description and then this content in a somewhat markdown fashion.
This post is mostly a test of the parser as well as an introductory post.

So, Hello there, My name is Sarah, I'm a 28 year old trans woman from London, my online personality is SarahGreyWolf just like the URL of this blog, I recently completed 5 years of Open University completing a BSc Honours in Computing and IT, expecting the results in December.

I am a Software Developer, mostly by hobby, looking for employment at the same time.
My interest in programming started at a relatively young age, I've always been a gamer, at a young age we had a SEGA Megadrive with Sonic 1 and 2 and Micro Machines being the most memorable, I would play it daily when I got home from school, then when I was 4, we got the PS1 with games like MGS and C&C, this was the first time where I knew that I wanted to make my own games. When I was 8 or 9, the BBC had on their website a game where you could design your own games, they had no real programming, it was all about choosing from a select few choices of assets and style but I got into designing them with a friend, but eventually got frustrated with the small choices and really wanted to learn how to code, I have been writing code from the age of 10 when I was given a book by my parents called "3D Game Programming for Teens" for ages 13+ that focused on the language Blitz3D aswell as Autodesk 3DS Max.

The language I am most fluent in is Rust, learning it was my Covid lockdown project of choice in 2020 and while it had many learning curves I picked it up fairly quickly and even worked on my first networking project being classic-rs, a reimplementation of minecrafts classic server protocol to be fully compatible with any minecraft classic client, at the time aiming to support the Mineonline project developed by a friend at the same time, as it was my first major Rust project it has many flaws, the multithreading is not ideal, causing eventual desyncs with other players but it was workable and had many friends join to play and build, it was a learning experience but a great first networking and Rust project.

I know many other languages though, C/C++, C#, Java, HTML, some CSS, Javascript, Typescript, Python, and even a little PHP, I have worked with MongoDB, MYSQL, and PostgreSQL, I utilise Docker and Docker Compose on a home server running several services such as Traefik, Grafana, an Adguard Home server and several other things.